First Notice of Loss Program (FNOL) allows the client to handle the loss adjustment process with the peace of mind that Spartan Recoveries is looking for subrogation recovery possibilities on all new losses received. Our identification department reviews each new claim from a daily feed of claim data within days of the loss having occurred, and will work with your adjusters to secure the investigation necessary for the enhancement of recoveries.

Forensic Auditing Open & Closed File

Open and Closed File Reviews "Forensic Reviews" provide our clients with the peace of mind that all potential recoveries are identified and pursued for recovery opportunities – leakage control. Spartan Recoveries will conduct a review of all open closed claims still in statute and aggressively pursue recovery. This review typically involves both a data and a manual component.

Referral Assignments

Spartan Recoveries can assume the handling of any subrogation matters at your choosing for Full Outsourcing, Co-Sourcing or Overflow situations and are positioned to accept any number of claims from one to infinity! Spartan has been called upon to assist We are positioned to handle your entire inventory, or accept files on a referral basis.

Pilot Recovery Programs

Want to test out our skill-set and determine if utilizing a vendor for your subrogated claims is right for your organization? Spartan will design a Pilot Program that meets your needs to make that choice. Recoveries can be handled on a claim by claim basis or in small groups.

Arbitration Management

Spartan Recoveries is a member of Arbitration Forums and has demonstrated success in writing contentions that speak to the essence of the liability dispute as both Applicant and Respondent as deemed necessary by our clients.

Litigation Management

Spartan Recoveries will monitor and explore recovery opportunities for any cases previously assigned to subrogation counsel to ensure that each claim is aggressively pursued for maximum recovery dollars.

Subrogation Portfolio Purchase - Capital Purchase

This service offers the opportunity to sell the recovery rights of your claims portfolio for a value calculated by Spartan after applying inclusion and exclusion filters and algorithms. Portfolio Purchasing allows companies to take advantage of unrealized assets that can be collateralized and re-directed for alternative utilization.

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