Our Technology

With the use of our cutting-edge patent-pending Adaptive Recovery Technology, or ART™, Spartan Recoveries is able to offer unparalleled yield of claims identified for potential recovery. Our proprietary investigation workspace dramatically reduces the time needed to extract critical data in support of our identification and recovery processes. Most of the Company’s recovery innovation has been developed by continually reviewing the data and utilizing regression analysis to improve future recovery results.

Spartan has developed a patent-pending recovery case management system known as SpartanRMS™ — designed from the ground up by and for subrogation professionals. SpartanRMS provides a feature rich, secure & proven platform. With advanced features like comprehensive Statute of Limitations management, a robust and versatile dashboard, and Parties of Interest Hierarchical Tracking. SpartanRMS ensures that all cases stay current and are on the fast track to settlement. Our daily statement processing ensures you get paid quickly.

An additional feature of SpartanRMS that our clients love is RMSConnect™ which affords them a secure, online view of the claims being worked on their behalf giving full transparency of both claim status and our efforts to date.

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